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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Giveaway - Five Favorite Scenes from The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games media attention continues to grow as the March 23 opening draws near. If you’re fans of my blog, you know that I’m part of the craziness. I now own an authentic replica of the arena jacket. Add a black v-neck t-shirt, tan pans and brown leather boots, and I’ll almost be properly outfitted to attend the movie next Saturday, for which I have advanced tickets. I’m anxiously awaiting my mockingjay pin to arrive in the mail, which I’ll display on the lapel of my jacket, just like in the book. But I don’t think I’ll be allowed entrance into the theater if I accessorize with a bow and quiver of arrows.

Before I share my limited list, take a quick look at part of an interview with author Suzanne Collins where she talks about the inspiration for her book.

Now for my list. Here are five of my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games book.
  1. The heart-wrenching scene where Katniss volunteers as tribute in place of her sister, Primrose.
  2. When Katniss shows the panel her skills and gains attention.
  3. The scenes where we see how Panem treats the tributes before sending them into the games. It was completely unexpected.
  4. The mad dash for the equipment when the games begin.
  5. When Ru alerts Katniss to a certain danger. (I won’t say what danger in case you haven’t yet read the book.)
Today’s movie trivia:  When Jennifer Lawrence re-enacted the part when Katniss volunteers as female tribute for District 12, the producers cried. At that point she was a slam-dunk for the part.

What are your favorite scenes? Comment below and don’t forget to enter The Hunger Games Book Giveaway contest I’m sponsoring. Click on the link to enter!!!


  1. These are all good scenes BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT MOMENT BETWEEN PEETA and KATNISS???? :) That's the best. I need to re-read.

    1. That one is good, too. I couldn't narrow everything down. It was either going to be a list of 5 or 25. I'm thinking about re-reading it, too, as preparation for Saturday.