Friday, October 26, 2012


It's nearly Halloween. It makes me think back to one childhood picture of my sister, little brother and I. We were standing in the front yard and I was dressed in a red satin band uniform, complete with tall hat and black boots. A ruler-length daisy yellow plume was stuck in the front of the hat and the buttons of the costume matched. I have no idea where my mother found it. My sister was an alien that year. My brother was GI Joe or something similar. The Halloween picture was an annual event and this one was was taken on a Sunday afternoon during the time when Trick or Treat happened during the day instead of the evening. For some reason the city decided there was less tricking when the sun was shining. I don't recall when it switched back to night.

When we got home with our sugary treasures, Mom would comb through our bags checking for opened candy or homemade stuff in case rat poison was inside. I think all moms did that, and still do today. The rest of it went into a bowl which was put on top of the refrigerator. My mom didn't want it to be easily accessible in case we ate so much it would rot out our teeth. But my sister and I could pull kitchen chairs over and climb up to get it any time Mom wasn't paying attention. We could do it in twenty seconds flat and have the chair back under the table as if we'd been perfect angels. If she ever noticed our bulging pockets, she didn't say anything.

My favorite costume of all time was a green sequined roaring 20's dress with black fringe swinging along the bottom. My favorite candy was a Tootsie Roll. I still have a weakness for that chewy chocolate calorie-adder.

What was your favorite costume and candy?

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