Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Superstitions Get Started

It's been a while and I apologize for that. But I'm catching up and today's post is a short freestyle poem I wrote back in 2000.  I pulled it out because my husband and I were talking about superstitions and the conversation reminded me I'd written it.  It could be entitled Flossing Your Teeth.  Enjoy.

I have a friend whose life, once,
played in metronomic timing.
One day she announced,
I think I'll start to floss my teeth.
Yes, there is time even for that.
A curse of a cascade of chaos.
That very day her son got caught in the rain,
causing him to catch a cold,
forcing him to miss school,
pulling her away from work,
overextending her paid time off,
creating a partial paycheck,
exacerbating the delayed child support,
making the rent late
generating a visit from the landlord,
who tripped over the secret cat,
causing the man to fall,
knocking over a pile of laundry,
exposing a fledgling wall mural,
strictly violating the lease, and,
Her well structured life toppled like a Junga game.
Picking up the pieces to begin again she warned,

Don't ever floss your teeth.  It's bad luck.

Here's to good luck for all of you!

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